Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

Hello readers, so finally you have made up your mind to learn your first programming language. With so many languages in the market, it is quite challenging to pick up your first programming language.

Many beginners get confused in selecting their first language and end up in selecting a language which is quite difficult to learn. As a result, they quit coding and think that coding is not their cup of tea.

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Well, according to a report published in 2018 nearly 94% of people quit coding after their first week. This is because they chose a wrong language for themselves.

Every language has its own Pros and Cons. Different Languages have different purposes. Since you have come to our blog, we will help you to pick your first Programming language which will make you fall in love with Programming.

So, Without further ado, let’s know about the Best Programming languages to learn in 2024.

Why do you want to learn Programming ?

Before picking up a Programming language, you have to ask yourself a question “Why do you want to learn Programming ?“. As I have said earlier, “Each Programming language has its own specific Use”. 

If you choose a language which fulfills your desire, then Coding will become much easier for you. For me it was development, I wanted to develop new things, something which has never been created before.

Best Programming Languages to Learn

So, I choose my first language accordingly. Your reason might be something else like App Development, Game Development, Web Development, Competitive Programming or General Purpose etc.

So, first decide your purpose and then choose the language accordingly.

Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

1. JavaScript

Well, the first language I would Recommend you to learn is none other than our beloved “JavaScript”. If you didn’t know about the powers of JavaScript earlier, then you might be thinking like what!! Why JavaScript?

Well, I also thought like this when I was in High School. I thought this is just like HTML, CSS. And I want to learn what everyone thinks is cool like C, C++ etc.

Now when I look at that time, how big a fool I was. But I will not waste your time here by narrating my history and will continue our topic.

I can give you hundreds of reasons why you should learn JavaScript as your first language. But since it is quite difficult to write them all. I will only focus on some of the reasons.

JavaScript is called the language of the Internet, and according to Stack Overflow JavaScript is the most popular language used by the developers.

JavaScript is such a Powerful language, you can literally do anything with this language whether it is web development, app development or game development.

Even tech giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube use JavaScript in their infrastructure.

JavaScript is mainly used for front-end and back-end web development.


  • JavaScript is Easy to Learn.
  • JavaScript is Versatile.
  • It is a cross platform, object oriented scripting language.
  • Huge Demand of JavaScript Developers.
  • JavaScript is the Future.  

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2. Python

Python was my first language which I learnt. When I started Programming, I was also very confused about the first language which I would choose.

At that time I had zero knowledge regarding JavaScript, that’s why I didn’t even consider learning JavaScript.

After doing a lot of research, I picked up Python as my first programming language. And Believe me guys, it was worth it because it was one of the easiest languages to learn.

If you are interested in Data Science, Machine Learning or Artificial Language etc, then Python is your go to language. 


  • Python is one of the easiest language to learn.
  • One of the best languages for Machine Learning and AI.
  • It is widely used in Data Science.
  • High Career opportunities and Salary.
  • Python has an Incredible Supportive Community.

3. C++

You can’t be called a real programmer, if you didn’t know C or C++. You have to learn C++ at some point of time in your programming journey to become a true programmer.

So, why don’t do this task at the beginning itself. C++ programmers get in-depth knowledge about memory management, computer hardware fundamental concepts.

If you have mastered C++, then switching to any other Programming language will be a piece of cake for you.

C++ plays a vital role in game development. Many game engines like Unreal Engine, UNIGINE etc. use C++ as their scripting language.

So, if you want to become a game developer in the future, then C++ is a must to go language for you.


  • It helps in understanding fundamental computer theories.
  • Huge Demand of C++ Programmers in the Industry.
  • Helps in Problem Solving.
  • C++ gives an edge in Competitive Programming.

4. Java 

Java is one of the oldest and still widely used programming languages. It is one of the most Popular languages in the world.

According to the reports of Statista nearly 40.2% developers know and use Java in their professional work.

Java is a platform-independent language, it is also known as WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) language.

Java is also widely used in Competitive Programming.


  • Java has powerful development tools.
  • Java is Cross-Platform.
  • Java has quite good documentation support.
  • Java is still a very popular language and many big tech giants still use Java in their Infrastructure.

5. Go

Go is a new programming language, but it’s popularity is increasing day by day rapidly. According to a Survey done by Stack Overflow, Go is the third most popular language which developers want to study.

Go was designed to replace C++, it is as powerful as C++ but on the other hand it is quite easier to learn as compared to C++. This language has been designed to gain the maximum effect by using minimum effort. 

Go is a new language, so it will be quite fun to learn. Go is the beginners friendly programming language. You will not get bored while learning Go. It is one of the ideal choices for newbie Programmers, to learn Go as their first Programming language.


  • Simplicity of Code.
  • A large Number of libraries.
  • It is as powerful as C++ and as easy to learn as Python.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Which is the Best Language for Absolute Beginners ?

JavaScript and Python is the go to language for absolute Beginners.

Which is the Best Language for Web Development ?


Which is the Best Language for Competitive Programming ?

C++ and Java

Which is the Best Language for Android Development ?

Kotlin for Android Apps and Swift for iOS.

Which is the Best Language for Machine Learning ?


Which is the Best Language for Game Development ?

C++ is the best language for Game Developers.


I hope after going through this article, you get to know which language you should learn first.

Whichever language you choose, be it C++, Java, JavaScript, Python or Go. Every language is equally capable in the long run, it is up to you how skillful you get in that particular language.

Last but not the least, don’t waste your precious time just thinking about the languages which you should learn first. Pick any language and start learning.

You can easily switch to any other programming language if you have mastered one. And you will have to learn more than one Programming language in the future in order to Survive.

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