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Hello coders, today we are going to solve A Very Big Sum HackerRank Solution which is a Part of HackerRank Algorithms Series.

A Very Big Sum


In this challenge, you are required to calculate and print the sum of the elements in an array, keeping in mind that some of those integers may be quite large.

Function Description

Complete the aVeryBigSum function in the editor below. It must return the sum of all array elements.

aVeryBigSum has the following parameter(s):

  • int ar[n]: an array of integers .


  • long: the sum of all array elements

Input Format

The first line of the input consists of an integer n.
The next line contains n space-separated integers contained in the array.

Output Format

Return the integer sum of the elements in the array.


  • 1 <= n <= 10
  • 0 <= ar[i] <= 1010

Sample Input

1000000001 1000000002 1000000003 1000000004 1000000005

Sample Output



The range of the 32-bit integer is (-231) to (231 – 1) or [-2147483648, 2147483647].

When we add several integer values, the resulting sum might exceed the above range. You might need to use long int C/C++/Java to store such sums.

Solution – A Very Big Sum


#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

string ltrim(const string &);
string rtrim(const string &);
vector<string> split(const string &);

 * Complete the 'aVeryBigSum' function below.
 * The function is expected to return a LONG_INTEGER.
 * The function accepts LONG_INTEGER_ARRAY ar as parameter.

long aVeryBigSum(vector<long> ar) {

    long long int total =  accumulate(ar.begin(), ar.end(), 0ll);
    return total;

int main()
    ofstream fout(getenv("OUTPUT_PATH"));

    string ar_count_temp;
    getline(cin, ar_count_temp);

    int ar_count = stoi(ltrim(rtrim(ar_count_temp)));

    string ar_temp_temp;
    getline(cin, ar_temp_temp);

    vector<string> ar_temp = split(rtrim(ar_temp_temp));

    vector<long> ar(ar_count);

    for (int i = 0; i < ar_count; i++) {
        long ar_item = stol(ar_temp[i]);

        ar[i] = ar_item;

    long result = aVeryBigSum(ar);

    fout << result << "\n";


    return 0;

string ltrim(const string &str) {
    string s(str);

        find_if(s.begin(), s.end(), not1(ptr_fun<int, int>(isspace)))

    return s;

string rtrim(const string &str) {
    string s(str);

        find_if(s.rbegin(), s.rend(), not1(ptr_fun<int, int>(isspace))).base(),

    return s;

vector<string> split(const string &str) {
    vector<string> tokens;

    string::size_type start = 0;
    string::size_type end = 0;

    while ((end = str.find(" ", start)) != string::npos) {
        tokens.push_back(str.substr(start, end - start));

        start = end + 1;


    return tokens;



import math
import os
import random
import re
import sys

# Complete the aVeryBigSum function below.
def aVeryBigSum(ar):
    sum = 0
    for i in range(ar_count):
        sum = sum + int(ar[i])
    return sum

if __name__ == '__main__':
    fptr = open(os.environ['OUTPUT_PATH'], 'w')

    ar_count = int(input())

    ar = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split()))

    result = aVeryBigSum(ar)

    fptr.write(str(result) + '\n')


Disclaimer: The above Problem (A Very Big Sum) is generated by Hacker Rank but the solution is Provided by CodingBroz. This tutorial is only for Educational and Learning Purpose.

1 thought on “A Very Big Sum | HackerRank Solution”

  1. its java code is even simpler

    public static long aVeryBigSum(List ar) {
    // Write your code here

    long l = 0L;
    for( long i:ar){
    l = l+i;
    return l;

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