Top 3 Best Code Editor For Web Development In 2022

In this digital era, becoming a web developer is one of the best thing one can opt for if he/she’s interested in technology, development and coding. Become moving forward and starting your journey with web development, I would recommend you reading this GOOD PRACTICAL GUIDE TOWARDS WEB DEVELOPMENT IN 2021.

Top 3 Best Code Editor For Web Development In 2021

If you have read the article you must be excited towards starting you journey in web development. Before starting web development you must choose and  download a code editor to get Started.

There are too many code Editors like Nodepad++, TextWrangler, Coda, Sublime Text, VS Code, Brackets, Atom, UltraEdit, Vim, etc, out there to confuse any new programming before even starting the real thing.

So, here I am to help you choose the best suitable code editor for you to started you with your web development journey in 2021. And the best thing is every code editor mentioned here is free 😉


Visual Studio code is one of the best and most popular code editor out there. Visual studio code is a free code editor made by Microsoft. It is available for Windows , Linux and macOS. It is a Fast, lightweight and a  multi-functionality editor. It is popularly known for its many awesome functionality and plugins.

The best feature for web development is the live server plugin which can be download inside VS code market-place. It also has multi cursor functionality and many more features. It also has a terminal in it.

It is the best editor one must choose for web development.


Sublime Text is One of the best simple editor preferred by many of the developers out there. It is an open source editor and is available for all platform Windows, Linux and macOS. It doesn’t have as much functionality as compared to VS code but is simple, fast, light-weigth and auto suggest features .It is good option for web development as it is very easy to get started with as compared to vs code.


BRACKETS is also one the the best editor out there for web development.It is also an open source editor and available for all platform, Windows,Linux and macOS. It is fast,simple and light weigth and has auto suggestion features too. One of the best feature of this editor is its color picker functionality.

BRACKETS is also a most commonly used editor out and a good option to get started with web development.  

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