Top 14 Important Linked List Based Coding Problems

Linked List Based Programming Interview Questions

As Arrays and Hashing Data Structure, Linked Lists is an another important and most popular data structure for coding interviews.

It is a very important data structure especially if you are preparing for Microsoft’s coding interview. 

LinkedLists and Trees are 2 favorite topics of Microsoft in their coding interviews. 

This list contains Basic as well as some tricky interview problems so if you know about the basics of Linkedlist and its implementation then you can understand the given problem as well.

If you don’t know about the linked list data structure then I will highly suggest you to first learn What is a linked list data structure and its implementation before solving the given interview problems based on the linked list.   

So, here are some most popular asked questions based on linked lists.

  • How to reverse a given linked list?
  • Write a program to find the middle of Linked List.
  • Write a program to merge two sorted Linked List.
  • How to remove the N-th node from the back of a given Linked list?
  • How to delete a given Node when a Node is given in O(1) time complexity?
  • How to add 2 numbers as a Linked List?
  • Write a program to detect a cycle in the given Linked List.
  • Write a program to reverse a Linked List in a group of size k elements.
  • Program to detect a cycle in a given linked list.
  • Program to check if the given linked list is palindrome or not.
  • Find the starting point of the loop of linked list.
  • Write a Program to rotate a linked list.
  • Write a Program to flatten a given Linked List.
  • Find the intersection point of Y Linked List.

These are some of the most important Linked List based problems that you must practice for your coding interview preparations.

If you want to solve more Linked List based coding problems then you can also check our Important Linked List Based Coding Problems.

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