Thousand to Crore Converter

Thousand to Crore Converter

Thousand to Crore converter is a simple online tool that helps you convert numbers in thousands to numbers in crores. When we are dealing with huge chunks of numbers, there is a need to convert the numbers from one unit to another.

In such scenarios, if you want to convert numbers from thousands to numbers in crores, then you can use our Thousand to Crore Converter which is 100% free to use.

What is a Thousand?

A thousand is a unit in the international numeric system which is equal to 1000. One thousand is a natural number following 999 and preceded by 1001. A thousand is represented by the K symbol. The scientific notation of one thousand is 103.

What is Crore?

A crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system and is equal to 10,000 thousand. A crore is represented by cr. The scientific notation for one crore is 107.

How to Convert Thousands to Crores?

There are 10,000 thousand in one crore. Therefore, one thousand is equal to 0.0001 crore.

1 Thousand = 0.0001 Crore

So, to convert any number from thousands to crores, we multiply the number in thousands by 0.0001 to get the number in crores.

Number in Crores (cr) = Number in Thousand (K) X 0.0001

For example, suppose you want to convert 15 thousand into crores, then by applying the above formula, you will get:

Number in Crores (cr) = 15 x 0.0001 => 0.0015

We get 15 Thousands = 0.0015 Crores.

Thousand to Crore Conversion Table

1 Thousand0.0001 crore
2 Thousands0.0002 crores
3 Thousands0.0003 crores
4 Thousands0.0004 crores
5 Thousands0.0005 crores
6 Thousands0.0006 crores
7 Thousands0.0007 crores
8 Thousands0.0008 crores
9 Thousands0.0009 crores
10 Thousands0.0010 crores
20 Thousands0.002 crores
30 Thousands0.003 crores
40 Thousands0.004 crores
50 Thousands0.005 crores
60 Thousands0.006 crores
70 Thousands0.007 crores
80 Thousands0.008 crores
90 Thousands0.009 crores
100 Thousands0.01 crores
1000 Thousands0.1 crores
10,000 Thousands1 crore
100,000 Thousands10 crores
10,00,000 Thousands100 crores
10,000,000 Thousands1000 crores