String Mingling – HackerRank Solution

In this post, we will solve String Mingling HackerRank Solution. This problem (String Mingling) is a part of HackerRank Functional Programming series.


Pawel and Shaka recently became friends. They believe their friendship will last forever if they merge their favorite strings.

The lengths of their favorite strings are the same, n. Mingling two strings, P = p1p2 . . . pn and Q = q1q2 . . . qn, both of length n, will result in the creation of a new string R of length 2 x n. It will have the following structure:

R = p1q1p2q2 . . . pnqn

You are given two strings P (Pawel’s favorite) and Q (Shaka’s favorite), determine the mingled string R.

Input Format

The first line of input contains the string P.
The second line contains Q.

Output Format

Print the mingled string, R.


  • 1 <= n <= 105
  • The string only consists of lowercase English characters (az).
  • length(P) = length(Q) = n

Sample Input #00


Sample Output #00


Sample Input #01


Sample Output #01



Sample Case #00:

P = a b c d e
Q = p q r s t
R = ap bq cr ds et

Sample Case #01:

P = h a c k e r
Q = r a n k e r
R = hr aa cn kk ee rr

Solution – String Mingling – HackerRank Solution


import java.util.Scanner

object Solution {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    val sc = new Scanner(
    val p = sc.nextLine()
    val q = sc.nextLine()

    println( { case (a, b) => a.toString + b }.reduceLeft(_ + _))

Note: This problem (String Mingling) is generated by HackerRank but the solution is provided by CodingBroz. This tutorial is only for Educational and Learning purpose.

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