Square Feet to Feet Converter (sq ft to ft)

Square Feet to Feet Converter Calculator

Square feet to feet converter is an online conversion calculator that helps you convert the square feet to feet. This online conversion calculator is handy if you want to find the length of the side.

What is Square Feet?

The square foot is an imperial and customary US unit of the area mainly used in first-world countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. One Square Foot is defined as the area of a square with sides of 1 foot. Square feet are represented by the symbol sq ft or ft2.

How to Convert Square Feet to Feet?

We know that (Feet)2 = Square Feet

Therefore, by Making LHS equal to RHS, we get the following formula:

Feet = √Square Feet

Example: Convert 27 square feet into feet.

We have, square feet (ft2) = 27

Using the above formula, we get: Feet (ft) = √27 = 5.1962

Therefore 27 sq ft = 5.1962 ft.

Square Feet to Feet Conversion Table

Square Feet (ft2)Feet (ft)
1 ft21 Feet
2 ft21.4142 Feet
3 ft21.7321 Feet
4 ft22 Feet
5 ft22.2361 Feet
6 ft22.4495 Feet
7 ft22.6458 Feet
8 ft22.8284 Feet
9 ft23 Feet
10 ft23.1623 Feet
20 ft24.4721 Feet
30 ft25.4772 Feet
40 ft26.3246 Feet
50 ft27.0711 Feet
60 ft27.7460 Feet
70 ft28.3666 Feet
80 ft28.9443 Feet
90 ft29.4868 Feet
100 ft210 Feet
1000 ft231.6228 Feet
10000 ft2100 Feet