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In this post, we will solve Ruby Lambdas HackerRank Solution. This problem (Lambdas) is a part of HackerRank Ruby series.


Lambdas are anonymous functions. Lambdas in Ruby are objects of the class Proc.
They are useful in most of the situations where you would use a proc.

The simplest lambda takes no argument and returns nothing as shown below:


#Ruby version <= 1.8
    lambda { .... } 

    lambda do

#Ruby version >= 1.9, "stabby lambda" syntax is added
    -> { .... }

    -> do

Ruby version >= 1.9 can use both lambda and stabby lambda, ->.

Lambdas can be used as arguments to higher-order functions. They can also be used to construct the result of a higher-order function that needs to return a function.


(a). Lambda that takes no arguments.

def area (l, b)
   -> { l * b } 

x = 10.0; y = 20.0

area_rectangle = area(x, y).call
area_triangle = 0.5 * area(x, y).()

puts area_rectangle     #200.0
puts area_triangle      #100.0

(b). Lambda that takes one or more arguments.

area = ->(a, b) { a * b }

x = 10.0; y = 20.0

area_rectangle = area.(x, y)
area_triangle = 0.5 *, y)

puts area_rectangle     #200.0
puts area_triangle      #100.0    

In the above example, we can see that lambdas can be called using both .call() and .().

Is there any difference between lambdas and procs?
Yes, there is difference between a proc and a lambda in Ruby.


You are given a partially complete code. Your task is to fill in the blanks (______).
There are 5 variables defined below:

  • square is a lambda that squares an integer.
  • plus_one is a lambda that increments an integer by 1.
  • into_2 is a lambda that multiplies an integer by 2.
  • adder is a lambda that takes two integers and adds them.
  • values_only is a lambda that takes a hash and returns an array of hash values.

Solution – Ruby Lambdas – HackerRank Solution

# Write a lambda which takes an integer and square it
square      = -> (x) { x**2 }

# Write a lambda which takes an integer and increment it by 1
plus_one    = -> (x) { x + 1 }

# Write a lambda which takes an integer and multiply it by 2
into_2      = -> (x) {2*x}

# Write a lambda which takes two integers and adds them
adder       = -> (a,b) {a + b}

# Write a lambda which takes a hash and returns an array of hash values
values_only = -> (h) { h.values }

input_number_1 = gets.to_i
input_number_2 = gets.to_i
input_hash = eval(gets)

a = square.(input_number_1); b = plus_one.(input_number_2);c = into_2.(input_number_1); 
d = adder.(input_number_1, input_number_2);e = values_only.(input_hash)

p a; p b; p c; p d; p e

Note: This problem (Lambdas) is generated by HackerRank but the solution is provided by CodingBroz. This tutorial is only for Educational and Learning purpose.

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