PX to PT Converter

PX to PT Converter Calculator

PX to PT converter calculator is a free online tool through which you can easily convert pixels into points. Many times while printing a document, we need exact sizes of text in points.

In such cases, a px to pt converter is a must-have tool so that you can get the results exactly as you desire.

What is PX?

PX stands for pixels which is the smallest element of the computer screen, which together forms the whole image.

What is PT?

PT stands for points which is a unit in CSS. This is commonly used in computer devices and print media.

How to Convert PX to PT?

There is no direct way to convert px to pt. However, we can use some other length units to convert px to pt.

1 Inch = 96 px, and 1 Inch = 72 pt

96 px = 72 pt

Therefore, 1 PX = 72/96 pt

PT = 0.75 X PX

Example: Convert 15 PX into PT.

We have: PX = 15

Now, by using the formula PT = 0.75 X PX, we get:

PT = 0.75 X 15 => 11.25

Therefore, 15 PX = 11.25 PT

PX to PT Conversion Table

1 PX0.75 pt2048 PX1536.00 pt
2 PX1.50 pt4096 PX3072.00 pt
4 PX3.00 pt8192 PX6144.00 pt
8 PX6.00 pt16,384 PX12,288.00 pt
16 PX12.00 pt32,768 PX24,576.00 pt
32 PX24.00 pt65,536 PX49,152.00 pt
64 PX48.00 pt1,31,072 PX98,304.00 pt
128 PX96.00 pt2,62,144 PX1,96,608.00 pt
512 PX384.00 pt5,24,288 PX3,93,216.00 pt
1024 PX768.00 pt10,48,576 PX7,86,432.00 pt