Million to Billion Converter

Million to Billion Converter

Million to billion converter is a powerful online tool that helps you convert numbers in millions to numbers in billions. Often dealing with numbers which involves a lot of zero increases the chances of mistakes in our calculations.

In such kind of scenarios, when we are dealing with numbers which contain a lot of zeros, then using a million-to-billion converter is a wise decision. Using this online calculator will save you time but also minimise the errors in your calculations.

What is a Million?

A million is a natural number followed by 999,999 and preceded by 1,000,001. It is a unit in the international numbering system and is denoted by the symbol M or mn.

Million is mostly used in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The scientific notation of one million is 1 x 106.

What is a Billion?

A billion is a unit in the International numbering system. 1000 million make up 1 billion. A billion is denoted by the symbol B or bn.

The scientific notation of one billion is 1 x 109.

How to Convert Million to Billion?

1 billion is equal to 1000 million. Therefore, to convert millions to billions, we need to divide the number in million by 1000 to get the number in billion.

Number in Billion (B) = Number in Million (M) / 1000

Example: Convert 2000 million into billion.

We have the number in million = 2000

Using the above formula, we get:

Number in Billion (B) = 2000 /1000 = 2

Therefore, 2000 Million = 2 Billion.

Million to Billion Conversion Table

1 Million0.001 Billion
2 Million0.002 Billion
3 Million0.003 Billion
4 Million0.004 Billion
5 Million0.005 Billion
6 Million0.006 Billion
7 Million0.007 Billion
8 Million0.008 Billion
9 Million0.009 Billion
10 Million0.01 Billion
100 Million0.1 Billion
1000 Million1 Billion
10,000 Million10 Billion
100,000 Million100 Billion
10,00,000 Million1000 Billion
10,000,000 Million10,000 Billion
100,000,000 Million100,000 Billion
1,000,000,000 Million1,000,000 Billion