Micrometers to Inches Conversion (µm to in)

Micrometers to Inches Conversion

Micrometer to Inches Calculator is a simple yet powerful unit conversion tool that helps you to convert length from micrometers (µm) to inches (in).

Enter the length in micrometers in the input field, then click on the ‘Convert’ button. This unit converter tool will automatically convert and display the equivalent length in inches.

Micrometer Definition

A micrometer is a unit of length used by the International Bureau of Weighs and Measures. One micrometer is defined as the distance traveled by the light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds.

The symbol used for micrometers is ‘µm’.

Inch Definition

An inch is a unit of length used in the British Imperial and United States Customary System of Measurements. One inch is defined as the unit of length that is equal to 1/36 of a yard or 1/12 of a foot. The abbreviation used for inch is ‘in’.

How to Convert Micrometers to Inches

One inch is equal to 25,400 micrometers. Therefore, to convert a value in micrometers to a value in inches, divide the micrometer value by 25,400.

Inches = Micrometers/25,400


Example 1: Convert 75 micrometers into inches.

Length in micrometers = 75 µm

To convert micrometers into inches, use the micrometers to inches conversion formula:

Inches = Micrometers/25,400 = 75/25,400 = 0.00295276 in

Hence, 75 micrometers = 0.00295276 inches

Example 2: Convert 3 micrometers into inches.

Length in micrometers = 3 µm

To convert micrometers into inches, divide the micrometers value by 25,400:

Inches = Micrometers/25,400 = 3/25,400 = 0.00011811 in

Hence, 3 micrometers is equal to 0.00011811 inches.

Example 3: How many inches are in 25 micrometers?

Length in micrometers = 25 µm

Using the micrometers to inches conversion formula, you’ll get:

Inches = Micrometers/25,400 = 25/25,400 = 0.00098425 in

Hence, there are 0.00098425 inches in 25 micrometers.

Micrometers to Inches Conversion Table

0.1 µm0.00000394 in
1 µm0.00003937 in
2 µm0.00007874 in
3 µm0.00011811 in
4 µm0.00015748 in
5 µm0.00019685 in
6 µm0.00023622 in
7 µm0.00027559 in
8 µm0.00031496 in
9 µm0.00035433 in
10 µm0.0003937 in
50 µm0.0019685 in
100 µm0.00393701 in
500 µm0.01968504 in
1000 µm0.03937008 in
10,000 µm0.39370079 in
100,000 µm3.93700787 in
1,000,000 µm39.37007874 in