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Today we will be solving Hello World in C HackerRank Problem. We will provide the complete logic and the correct approach to solve this problem.

Hello World in C HackerRank Solution

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In this challenge, we will learn some basic concepts of C that will get you started with the language. You will need to use the same syntax to read input and write output in many C challenges. As you work through these problems, review the code stubs to learn about reading from stdin and writing to stdout.


This challenge requires you to print “Hello, World!” on a single line, and then print the already provided input string to stdout. If you are not familiar with C, you may want to read about the printf() command.


s=”Life is beautiful

The required output is:

Hello, World!  

Life is beautiful

Function Description

Complete the main() function below.

The main() function has the following input:

string s: a string


*two strings: * “Hello, World!” on one line and the input string on the next line.

Input Format 

There is one line of text,s.

Sample Input 0

Welcome to C programming.

Sample Output 0

Hello, World!

Welcome to C programming.

Solution – Hello World in C Hackerrank Solution 

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main() 


    char s[100];
    scanf("%[^\n]%*c", &s);
    /* Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT */ 
    printf("Hello, World!\n%s",s);
    return 0;
Hello World in C HackerRank Solution
Hello World in C HackerRank Solution

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