Crore to Million Converter

Crore to Million Converter

Crore to Million converter is a wonderful tool which helps you to convert numbers from crore to numbers in millions. When dealing with numbers which contain a lot of zeros, there is a very high chance of errors.

One silly mistake can be a reason for huge losses for big companies. Therefore, to avoid such kind of situations, our crore-to-million converter comes into play.

Crore to million converter is a free and simple-to-use number converter which can easily convert your number from crore to millions within a few seconds.

What is Crore?

A crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system which is equal to one hundred lacs. The crore is symbolised by cr. The crore is written as 1,00,00,000 or 107 and it contains seven zeros.

In South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and India, the crore is widely used when dealing with very large numbers or large amounts of money.

What is a Million?

A million is a unit in the International numbering system which is equal to a thousand thousand. One million is written as 1,000,000. The abbreviation for millions is M. The scientific notation of one million is 106.

How to Convert Crore to Million?

One crore is equal to ten million. Therefore, to convert any number from crore to million, we use the following mathematical formula:

Number in Millions (M) = Number in Crores (cr) X 10

For example, suppose you have 7 crores, then by using the above formula, you have:

Number in Millions (M) = 7 x 10 => 70 Millions

Crore to Million Conversion Table

1 Crore10 Millions
2 Crores20 Millions
3 Crores30 Millions
4 Crores40 Millions
5 Crores50 Millions
6 Crores60 Millions
7 Crores70 Millions
8 Crores80 Millions
9 Crores90 Millions
10 Crores100 Millions
100 Crores1000 Millions
1000 Crores10000 Millions
10000 Crores100000 Millions
100000 Crores1000000 Millions