CPM to WPM Converter

CPM to WPM Converter

CPM to WPM Converter is an online free tool through which you can easily calculate your typing speed in words per minute given you know how many characters you can type in a minute.

This tool is very handy to use. You have to enter the count of the number of characters you can type in a minute, then you click on the ‘Convert’ button. This tool automatically calculates and displays your typing speed in WPM or ‘Words Per Minute’.

What is CPM?

The CPM stands for Character Per Minute. CPM typing speed means how many characters you can type in a minute. Characters include letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces. For example: ‘How are you‘ contains 11 characters – 9 letters and 2 spaces.

What is WPM?

Words per minute, commonly abbreviated as WPM is a measurement of the typing speed of a person. It tells how many words an individual can write in a minute. According to international typing standards, a word is standardized to five keystrokes, including spaces and punctuation marks. That means I see and mango both are treated as 1 word because both of them contain 5 characters only.

Similarly, ‘I can write’ and ‘Vegetables’ both are two words.

How to Convert CPM to WPM?

1 word contains five characters or keystrokes, which means 1 Word = 5 Characters, therefore to convert CPM to WPM, we need to divide the CPM by 5 to get the typing speed in WPM.

WPM = CPM / 5

Example: Convert 150 CPM to WPM.

We have CPM = 150

Using the above formula, we will get WPM = CPM / 5 = 150/5 => 30.

Therefore, 150 CPM = 30 WPM.