Convert Millimolar to Molar

Millimolar to Molar Converter Calculator

Millimolar to molar converter is a free online tool which helps you to convert millimolar units into molar units.

What is Molar?

Molar concentration is a measure of the concentration of a chemical species in a solution. The SI unit for amount of substance concentration is moles/cubic meter.

1 mole/cubic meter is equal to 0.001 molar or 1 millimolar.

What is Millimolar?

A millimolar is the decimal fraction of a molar, which is the common non SI unit of molar concentration.

How to Convert Millimolar to Molar?

The prefix milli represent a scientific notaion of 10-3.

Therefore, 1 millimolar = 10-3 molar

So, to convert any concentration from millimolar to molar, we need to divide the unit in millimolar by 1000 to get the value in molar unit.

Molar = Millimolar / 1000

Example: Convert 570 millimolar into molar.

Value in millimolar (mM) = 570

Using the above formula in our calculation, we will get:

Molar = 570/1000 = 0.57.

Therefore, 570 mM = 0.57 M.

Millimolar to Molar Conversion Table

Millimolar (mM)Molar (M)
1 Millimolar 0.001 molar
2 Millimolar 0.002 molar
3 Millimolar 0.003 molar
4 Millimolar 0.004 molar
5 Millimolar 0.005 molar
6 Millimolar 0.006 molar
7 Millimolar 0.007 molar
8 Millimolar 0.008 molar
9 Millimolar 0.009 molar
10 Millimolar0.01 molar
20 Millimolar0.02 molar
30 Millimolar0.03 molar
40 Millimolar0.04 molar
50 Millimolar0.05 molar
60 Millimolar0.06 molar
70 Millimolar0.07 molar
80 Millimolar0.08 molar
90 Millimolar0.09 molar
100 Millimolar0.1 molar
1000 Millimolar1 molar