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Capitalize! in Python - Hacker Rank Solution


You are asked to ensure that the first and last names of people begin with a capital letter in their passports. For example, alison heck should be capitalized correctly as Alison Heck.

alison heck  – Alison Heck

Given a full name, your task is to capitalize the name appropriately.

Input Format

A single line of input containing the full name, S.


  • 0 < len(S) < 1000
  • The string consists of alphanumeric characters and spaces.

Note: in a word only the first character is capitalized. Example 12abc when capitalized remains 12abc.

Output Format

Print the capitalized string, S.

Sample Input

chris alan

Sample Output

Chris Alan

Solution – Capitalize! in Python Hacker Rank Solution


import math
import os
import random
import re
import sys

# Complete the solve function below.
def solve(s):
    for x in s[:].split():
        s = s.replace(x, x.capitalize())
    return s

if __name__ == '__main__':
    fptr = open(os.environ['OUTPUT_PATH'], 'w')

    s = input()

    result = solve(s)

    fptr.write(result + '\n')


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